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A professional proofreading and editing service

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My qualifications....


Proofreading and Editorial Skills Course (Chapterhouse, UK)


Certificate in the Theory and Methodology of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (Global English, UK)


MSc in Economics of Urbanisation and Managing the City Economy (University College London, UK)


Postgraduate Diploma in Development Economics

(University of Manchester, UK)


BA in Economics and Social Policy (University of Manchester, UK)


I have also taken individual courses in NGO Management, Understanding Poverty, and Managing Knowledge and Communication for Development through the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, University of London)

About Wimbledon Proofreading....the experience and knowledge....


My name is Paul Lancaster. I’m British and I live in London. I established Wimbledon Proofreading in 2012 to provide a bespoke and comprehensive English proofreading and editing service for businesses, authors, academics, students and private individuals. Subsequently, I expanded the range of services to include copywriting, E-publishing, research and analysis.


I'm educated to Master's degree level, and I've undertaken formal training in proofreading and editing through the Chapterhouse Publishing organisation. I've been correcting and enhancing written material in the English language for the past 15 years. I previously provided this service on a part-time basis alongside my then full-time employment within Britain’s civil service.


During my civil service career I worked on the development of government policies and legislation.This involved writing, proofreading and editing


Specialist in English as a second language


International clients ..... Through improving the quality of written English by people from many different countries and cultures, I've become a specialist in the field of assisting those who have English as a second language. Amongst others, such international clients have come from Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, India, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Due to this, I am very familiar with the typical challenges that different nationalities often experience when writing in English.


Knowledge of subjects


I proofread, edit, copy write and research on any subject and for any purpose such as business, academic, research, creative writing or personal use. However, through my previous employment, studies and client commissions I have gained a particular understanding of topics in the fields of:


         economics ~ social policy ~ international development ~ poverty reduction ~ politics                          

                     environmental issues ~ urbanisation ~ town planning - regeneration              

                           infrastructure ~ transport ~ housing supply ~ urban design


In addition, I have experience of proofreading and editing in various other topics including:


                         spirituality ~ sociology ~ management ~ marketing ~ branding ~ fashion industry

                           media ~ social media ~ cyber safety ~ education ~ nutrition ~ herbal medicine  

university-manchester Small UCL 1

detailed policy documents, guidance and impact assessments; working with government lawyers in the drafting of legislation; writing briefings and correspondence for Ministers; appraising corporate documents of non-departmental public bodies; undertaking extensive research and analysis on policy proposals; and running public consultations. Through this work, that of my professional proofreading and my training I have developed strong writing skills, a logical train of thought and a very keen eye for detail.

A selection of my experience:

PhD theses


- The applicability of Maslow's hierarchy of needs model to Saudi Arabia

- The relationship between economic reforms and income inequality in Venezuela

- The responses of small and medium-size industries to restructuring policies in Mexico City

- Economic and social impacts of the pistachio nut industry in Iran

- South Korean car manufacturing industry and exports

Master's dissertations


- Examining the Purchasing Power Parity theory

- Initial Public Offering - reasons for first day trading underpricing premiums

- Ethical consumerism - comparison of attitudes from different ethnic backgrounds

- How to rebuild brand loyalty of Avon Products Inc in China

- How Asian consumer behaviour responds to the luxury wine market in China

- Internet banking - barriers to use  

- Successes and failures associated with the growth pole strategies

~ Rural-Urban migration in Thailand

~ Herbal medicine

Journal articles


- Food access among elderly Japanese people (Asian Social Work and Policy Review)

- Post national disaster and health care intervention (Journal of Gerontological Social Work)

Business-related documents


- Report on the international workshop on deforestation and the rights of forest peoples (Forest Peoples Programme)

- Project Cycle Management Manual (International Development)

CV's and application documents


- Law degree entrance applications for US universities

- Language teacher applications

- Finance jobs applications

Research and analysis


- Street markets and vendors in large metropolises: a comparative study of Mexico City and London

Undergraduate dissertations and essays


- Herbal medicine

- Nutrition screening of hospital compliance

- Psychology and sociology papers