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Fees for the copywriting, research & analysis and E-publication preparation services


The fees for these services are based on an hourly rate and the country in which you are located. Where appropriate, a fixed-fee can be agreed prior to commencement of the work. If you wish to use any of these in combination with the proofreading or editing service, a combined fee will be calculated.



Fees for the proofreading and editing services


The fee will normally depend on four factors:

 * The service you require – either proofreading or editing      * Whether you are a native or non-native English speaker

 * The word count of the text that you send                          * The country in which you are located


Fee rates if you are located in Britain:                                                      Indicative international fee rates if you are not located in Britain:

Please note: the fee rates stated below will apply, in particular, to students and other individuals who have their own personal documents to be amended. If you're a business, or other form of organisation, you may well have your own usual rates and payment processes for using these types of professional services, which Wimbledon Proofreading will be happy to discuss with you.


                                                        Proofreading                  Editing 

English as a second language

Up to 20,000 words                         £8  (per 1,000 words)   £12  (per 1,000 words)


Native English speaker

Up to 20,000 words                         £6  (per 1,000 words)    £9   (per 1,000 words)


Please note there is a minimum fee of £15 for the first time you use these services

                                                           Proofreading                                   Editing

Southern Europe

Up to 20,000 words             9 Euros (per 1,000 words)        12 Euros (per 1,000 words)

Minimum fee: 20 Euros


Latin American countries

Up to 20,000 words             9 USD (per 1,000 words)           12 USD (per 1,000 words)

Minimum fee: 20 USD



Up to 20,000 words            2,250 Yen (per 1,000 words)      3,250 Yen (per 1,000 words)

Minimum fee: 3,500 Yen



Up to 20,000 words             350 THB (per 1,000 words)        500 THB (per 1,000 words)

Minimum fee: 800 THB

Please note that these international fee rates are provided here for illustrative purposes only - please contact Wimbledon Proofreading to discuss what the precise fees will be for your country and in your circumstances.

For documents in excess of 20,000 words please ask for a free, no obligations quote. You will need to send at least some of the material as the quote will be based on a review of a small sample of the text.


If you require a substantial restructuring of your document and/or a substantial reduction in word count, then these may incur an additional fee.  


For small word count materials, such as emails, the use of an hourly rate may be more appropriate, particularly if such a service is required repeatedly over a period of time. An initial fee of at least one hour’s worth will normally need to be paid on commencement of the service.


Additional costs for postage and packaging will be applied for returning any documents by post, such as hard copies of manuscripts that have been marked up for subsequent typesetting.