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A professional proofreading and editing service

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Whether English is your mother tongue, or you speak it as a second language, using the service of a professional proofreader, editor and copywriter can improve the quality of your written material.


Whatever your needs ..... business reports to be enhanced, theses or dissertations to be proofread, an editing of research papers, the creation or improvement of website content, books to be prepared for E-publication or a CV to be revised ..... Wimbledon Proofreading will provide you with a bespoke and comprehensive service.


With extensive experience in assisting people who use English as a second language (ESL), Wimbledon Proofreading has become a specialist in this field.



A range of services are available ....


Two types of service are offered for the amendment of existing text - proofreading or editing.


A specific service is available for students who have academic material that will be submitted for formal assessment.


For the creation of completely new documents, or the writing of additional material, a copywriting service is available.  


Researchers, academics, individuals and businesses can make use of the service for research and analysis.  


An E-Book formatting and preparation service is available for those intending to publish their works electronically.


If you are in the process of preparing for traditional hard copy publishing, a service is also available for editing and proofreading via the marking up of hard copies of proofs for the subsequent amendment by typesetters.


The overall procedures for using the services of Wimbledon Proofreading are set out in the Terms and Conditions.

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"....I was about to submit my PhD thesis when I asked Paul to do a proofreading to it. Paul did an excellent job, very professional. Based on his background, he was able to understand the meaning of my dissertation and suggested the proper corrections. He was very careful in making changes without spoiling what I meant in every single sentence. The result was a very well written thesis that was recognised by my examiners. Thanks Paul!!...."

(Cesar Gallo, PhD student, Venezuela)

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