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A professional proofreading and editing service

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Wimbledon Proofreading offers two different types of service for the amendment of existing material - proofreading or editing.


Proofreading - is mostly concerned with the correction of grammar, spelling and punctuation, as well as addressing syntax and consistency of the formatting.


Editing - is a more substantial process where, in addition to the proofreading amendments, and in accordance with the client's specific requirements, the text is reviewed so as to critically assess the style and appropriateness of the writing in relation to the intended audience and purpose of the material. An editing will provide suggestions for substantive changes, for example in content, structure of paragraphs and in length of the text.


Advice can be given on which service may be most appropriate for

Proofreading service


A three stage approach is used to proofread or edit the material - first, an initial scan to gain an overview of the topic, writing style and tone; then a thorough proofread or edit is undertaken; followed by a final read through to ensure everything has been addressed. If your timescale requirements allow, it is preferable to undertake the second and third stage on different days, as it is more proficient to have a fresh look at the text after 24 hours have elapsed.  


Amendments are made via tracked changes. Any additional comments, queries or suggestions are set out in comment boxes within the document. It may also be

appropriate to further highlight, within a covering email or by use of a 'pro-forma', some of the key points as well as general comments and advice about your writing. This is likely to be particularly beneficial as an on-going learning aid for those who have English as a second language.

your circumstances. Students should note that a specific approach is taken on work that is to be submitted for assessment - please see the section on students.


Editing service

  Ensuring the following....

  Correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation

  Consistent use of referencing style (e.g. Harvard, APA)

  Consistent use of British or American English

  Appropriate syntax and use of words or expressions

  Removal of incorrect word or sentence repetition  

  Consistent use of formatting - layout, spacing, font, etc

  Correct sequential numbering of pages, headings, etc

  May also include......  

  A limited reconstruction of whole paragraphs

  Identification of ambiguous sentences and paragraphs

  General advice on options for reducing the word count

  General advice on the style of writing

  Implementation of all the proofreading service amendments

  In addition, subject to the client's requirements......

  Rewriting of text in order to improve readability, clarity and flow

  Improving the choice of vocabulary, phrases and grammar

  Strengthening the impact of the messages and arguments

  Converting text from informal spoken to formal written English

  Alternatively, making the text more personal and informal

  Sharpening the text, such as to make it more punchy

  Improving the presentation by altering the format, fonts etc

  Suggestions for restructuring the material*

  Specific reduction of word count*

  (* these may incur an additional fee if the client requires a  

  substantial restructuring and/or reduction)