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Payment of fee

2.1 Invoices and receipts will be sent to the client by email at each appropriate stage of the service.


2.2 With the proofreading and editing services, for larger pieces of work, such as word counts that exceed 20,000, an initial instalment payment may be required upon completion of a certain proportion of the work, with a final payment of the balance made upon completion of the remainder.  


2.3 For all other services, the timing of payment(s) will be agreed on a case by case basis.


2.4 Clients who are a business or other form of organisation may request to make their payment(s) within 21 days from date of invoice, or by a date as otherwise stated on the invoice. They may request holding an account with Wimbledon Proofreading if they wish to use its services on a regular basis. The account would be settled by the end of each month, or as otherwise agreed.


Methods of payment

2.5 By direct bank transfer:

Payments can be made direct into a British bank account. All payments must be made in British Pounds (GBP), unless otherwise agreed with Wimbledon Proofreading.


2.6 By using Paypal:

Payments can be made into Wimbledon Proofreading’s Paypal account. All payments must be made in British Pounds (GBP), unless otherwise agreed with Wimbledon Proofreading.


2.7 For clients who wish to use Paypal, an additional charge of between 3.5% and 5% of the Wimbledon Proofreading fee may be added to help cover the fees charged by Paypal. Note that it is not necessary for a client to have their own Paypal account. In such circumstances, the client will make their payment using either their bank account, credit card or debit card via a special Paypal invoice email.



2.8 Wimbledon Proofreading fees do not include any element of UK Government taxation (such as V.A.T), as Wimbledon Proofreading is not required to charge its clients taxes for the services that it provides.


Discount for future work

2.9 If you are satisfied with the service and would like to use it again in the future, Wimbledon Proofreading will be happy to discuss applying a discount for that subsequent work at that time.

Terms and Conditions



Service requirements

1.1 Clients are responsible for ensuring they provide any requirements or preferences prior to commencement of the work. These may include the formatting style, referencing system (e.g. Harvard), use of British or American English, etc.



1.2 Unless clients request otherwise in writing, the material will not be forwarded to, or discussed with, a third party. Upon completion of the service, Wimbledon Proofreading will retain a copy of the material and emails for two months, after which they will be deleted unless you would prefer them to be retained for a longer period.


Return of material

1.3 For all of the services, clients are responsible for reviewing the material so as to ensure it meets their requirements and to consider any suggestions, comments and queries raised by Wimbledon Proofreading.


1.4 With the proofreading and editing service, clients will receive two versions of the documents – a ‘clean’ version with all of the proposed amendments ‘accepted’, and a version which clearly shows all of the proposed amendments in track changes and any additional suggestions, comments or queries within comment boxes. In this way the client is able to accept or decline any of the proposed amendments, thereby enabling the client to remain in full control of their material.



1.5 With students’ work, Wimbledon Proofreading cannot be held responsible for how the proposed amendments may affect the educational institution’s consideration of what the student decides to submit to it for assessment.


Follow-up support

1.6 After the client has reviewed the returned material, Wimbledon Proofreading will be happy to answer any questions about it that the client may have. Where the client has been asked to clarify and/or rewrite something, that part of the material will be reviewed again by Wimbledon Proofreading at no extra charge.  


1.7 If the client makes other changes at that stage and would like them to be reviewed by Wimbledon Proofreading, then these must be made by either using the tracked changes function or otherwise highlighting the text so that it can be easily identified. An additional fee may be charged for reviewing these other changes.