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"....I was about to submit my PhD thesis when I asked Paul to do a proofreading to it. Paul did an excellent job, very professional. Based on his background, he was able to understand the meaning of my dissertation and suggested the proper corrections. He was very careful in making changes without spoiling what I meant in every single sentence. The result was a very well written thesis that was recognised by my examiners. Thanks Paul!!...."


Cesar Gallo, PhD student (Venezuela)

"....Paul knew exactly what I wanted - the English that sounds 'natural'.  

As an intermediate/advanced non-native English speaker, I think my English was not terribly bad, but sounded a little different. This is because my thoughts are not shaped by 'English' way of thinking, but structured by other type of language. Paul understood what I wanted to say and without changing that part, he showed me how to state my message in 'English' mode...."


Rika Lee (Japan)

A selection of comments from clients of Wimbledon Proofreading......

"....Mr Lancaster has been helping me to write some business documents in English since 1999. As a consultant, I am always serious about my final outputs which are sometimes reports written in English. Mr Lancaster gives me his comments for correction that surely make my documents become more ‘professional looking’. With his support to correct my English, I got trust of my clients who read my English writing and I expanded the markets of my consultancy...."


Takahiro Miyoshi, International Development Consultant (Japan)